Building Your Team of Subcontractors for Infrastructure Projects

Building Your Team of Subcontractors for Infrastructure Projects

Moody's Investors Service recently released a report about construction spending. The report states that U.S. construction spending will grow 3.2% in 2021 and 3.4% in 2022. The report also predicts that the passage of a multi-year federal infrastructure investment bill would substantially boost the longer-term outlook for construction activity. If enacted, the $2-trillion-plus economic package promises hundreds of billions of dollars to restore the country's aging infrastructure. The bill proposes several wide-ranging projects:

- Boosting the use of electric vehicles
- Replacing lead pipes and service lines in drinking water systems
- Upgrading office buildings
- Installing broadband in underserved neighborhoods

This influx of construction spending across all sectors could set the stage for a highly competitive market. Major infrastructure projects often involve multiple subcontractors, each dedicated to a particular area of expertise or supplying specialized equipment during a specific phase. Contractors will be competing for everything - materials, expertise, labor. Savvy contractors are building strong GC-subcontractor relationships in preparation for potential work in the coming months or years.

Assembling a skilled and versatile construction team can be a critical decision for a prime contractor, project manager, or building owner. The professionals you bring on board can dictate the success and final cost of a project. It is vital to put together a first-rate team before the shovel hits the ground. Part of that team should include professionals with Horizontal Directional Drilling capabilities. Here are just some of the projects that require HDD skills and equipment:

- An electrician's need for horizontal directional drilling is intermittent but an essential part of your service offerings. Electrical companies often require bores as short as 25 linear feet to projects with multiple bores spanning thousands of linear feet. The choice of materials is essential as well. HDPE conduits offer corrosion and chemical resistance.
: Security infrastructure providers must install conduits for LED lighting, security cameras, and the latest in recognition systems. An experienced crew can complete underground projects that are the least disruptive to the customer while upgrading their security infrastructure.
EV Charging
: Installing EV stations can be economically challenging due to permitting, mobilization and equipment. Your HDD contractor should have experience safely boring in all types of surfaces, soils, and underground conditions.
Digital Signage
: Many of these projects are located in high-traffic areas. Precision and minimal disruption are critical elements in project execution.
Fiber Optics
: Given the cable's delicate nature, it is essential to contract with a company with experience installing the latest fiber optic and communication infrastructure.

Once you get your team of subcontractors in place, everyone should be ready to go the moment you submit your proposal. By building a solid, trusted team, you'll get the support and skills you need to deliver quality work.

Boreworx is your project partner

Boreworx is a full-service horizontal directional drilling firm offering services for electrical, security, EV charging, digital signage, and fiber optics. We work to ensure that the directional boring required to complete these projects is done in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our digital planning process reduces time to completion, and we are skilled in safely boring in all types of surfaces, soils, and underground conditions. For more information, contact us at 281-494-7500.

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